Let’s Get This Party Started

Jeffrey and I have been up in Wareham for the last week. The anticipation of Baby G’s arrival has been building with each day, and it kind of feels like we are getting ready to go on a really big vacation. I have a few very specific things I like to do before I am […]

It Takes A Village

During the last several weeks of our pregnancy, I have noticed some interesting things about myself.  I am more irritable.  I am more impatient.  One might say, more easily annoyed. And perhaps the things that I am most easily annoyed with happen to be things that my husband is, or is not doing to help prepare […]

9 months of bump days!

It’s really hard to believe that we are 37 weeks along TODAY!  Baby G is officially considered a “full-term” baby and Stephanie can go into labor at any time now.  Although, when she saw Louise, our midwife, a couple of weeks back, she was not dilated at all and her cervix was very firm. She […]

Happy Bump Day Papa!!!

The day Stephanie came down for the embryo transfer was a day I will never forget.  We woke up that morning and got ready at a leisurely pace. I wanted to take Stephanie for a fancy schmancy breakfast somewhere, like Balthazar, but instead we went to a favorite neighborhood diner of mine and Jeffrey’s called […]

Happy Bump Day!

So much has happened in the last week, which is why our Bump Day post is a few days late.  We had our 32-week sonogram last Friday and when Stephanie sent her photo this week she reminded us, “Just 7 weeks to go!” After all of the heartache, and all of the waiting, its such […]